5 Educational Concepts We Need To Eliminate In 2018

What educational practices do we need to look at in order to reform our educational system and improve our schools? Dr. David Franklin takes a look.

5 Jobs That Teachers Do Other Than Teach

The role of teacher has changed dramatically over the past few decades. NESLI's Dr. David Franklin sets out five jobs teachers do other than deliver content.

5 Ways Education is Like Game of Thrones

Winter is coming! Dr. David Franklin takes a look at how working in K-12 education shares some similarities with playing the game of thrones.

5 Ways Leadership is Like Building a Sandcastle

Being a leader is not easy, says Dr. David Franklin. Like a castle, leaders must be able to remain standing during the storm.

5 Things Teachers Need to Do This Summer

As we come to the end of another school year, it is time for us to take some time to breathe, relax and reflect, says Dr. David Franklin.


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