At the heart of the National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative is a steadfast belief that great schools are vital to building great communities. Moreover, the NESLI belief is that exceptional teaching and learning is directly enabled by exceptional leadership. As school leadership across the world continues to become ever more challenging there is a growing need to equip all school leaders with critical leadership and people management skills.

Guiding Principles

Creating the conditions in which optimal teaching and learning can flourish


We seek to work with school leaders who view the potential for schools to evolve and change as imperative. They seek change in the wider community, change inside their schools, and change within themselves. They don’t accept business as usual, and are open to the possibilities and rewards of transformation.


We believe that schools should be able to tap into many channels and partners for support and development. This creates an opportunity for disparate parties to collaborate and share resources and skills to best support schools. We constantly seek partnerships to unlock the power of collaboration.


We strive to find innovative ways to bring values to schools. We take an open-source approach to these innovations. In this way we share and advocate for other parties who can make a difference to do likewise.


Mutuality is the spirit in which we bring people together to build trust. We always look for ways for everyone, regardless of status, to talk and listen, teach and learn, give and receive.


Admission into a NESLI leadership development program is merit-based. NESLI reserves, at all times, the right not to award admission into one of its programs. In this way NESLI ensures that its cohorts are of high quality and are genuinely committed to the developmental process.

    Diverse Voices

We encourage diverse voices to be heard respectfully, and we add our own voices as catalysts to the conversation. This requires us to create a safe space - intellectually and emotionally - to authentically and courageously approach leadership development.


All applicants must have the express support of a senior leader from their school or school district. This support is vital to ensure that the participants are able to juggle the demands of their school role with the demands of the NESLI program.


Where NESLI offers a subsidised program rate in any given school market, all successful applicants to a respective NESLI program shall be offered the subsidised rate until designated quotas or time frames are exhausted. Differential service levels, or fee levels, will not be applied within any school market.


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