Supporting staff health and well-being across all schools


The Staff Well-being Toolkit (“the Well-being Toolkit”) is a five-month program delivered directly into American schools. The Well-being Toolkit enables staff members to engage collaboratively to address their own health and well-being and foster a more supportive and inclusive professional climate.

The success of our schools is intrinsically linked to the performance of our teachers and school leaders. The considerable research behind the Well-being Toolkit consistently highlights the increasing stress and duress our educators are experiencing on a daily basis. 
In addition to recognizing the implications of this trend for the health and well-being of our educators, it also raises important concerns around the impact on our classrooms and learning environments.

The Well-being Toolkit aims to bring teaching cohorts together within a collaborative and supportive framework to explore and discuss what are often sensitive and difficult topics.
The Well-being Toolkit aims to unlock the potential for teaching cohorts to work together empathetically and thoughtfully to recognize the diverse stressors associated with operating in the contemporary school environment.

A fundamental outcome for a teaching cohort would see them develop and function as an active peer support group. In this way schools will build significant new capacity to support optimal health and well-being.​


The Schools Staff Well-being Toolkit
“Today’s children are tomorrow’s nation builders. As custodians of their futures, teachers are charged with giving them the best opportunities we can. Countless studies show the transformative nature of education. To do this well, we owe it to ourselves to be the best we can be. That means thriving as educators, not merely surviving. The research consistently shows that this depends on collaboration. The technical term is social capital. When social capital increases within an organisation everyone improves together. The Well-being Toolkit is designed around this maxim, and therefore has the best chance of positive, sustainable change for the education system..”



Global Expert - Teacher Health and Well-being

For more information about The Well-being Toolkit please download the full prospectus below.


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