• Mindful and authentic leadership
  • Conflict and feedback
  • Mastering influencing and negotiation
  • Leading innovation and change
  • Creating my pathway

6 Months - Program Duration

2 Hours - Weekly Commitment​


  • Capability assessment x2
  • Peer coaching sessions x5
  • Interactive webinar sessions x7
  • Adaptive leadership challenges x5
  • Self-paced learning modules x5


The Latina Women's Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) is a high-impact and challenging developmental experience for female school leaders in a leadership position or who aspire to be in a leadership position. Over a career-defining, six-month journey, participants engage in a deep exploration of their own strengths and weaknesses as they relate to leadership within the context of their school.

Senior Facilitator

The Latina Women’s Advanced Leadership Program aims to highlight the game changing-role of Latina women within the U.S school system and provide high quality leadership development sympathetic to their unique challenges and opportunities.​ Dr. Yvonne Curtis, former superintendent in Forest Grove, Oregon. Was the only Latina superintendent in Oregon for over eight years, she taught and modeled equity leadership both in her district and across the state including the policy making arena will be facilitating the course.​


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