Designed for building-level educators such as teacher leaders, coaches, specialists, assistant/vice principals and principals.​

AASA President-Elect

This learning partnership promotes the opportunity for women in leadership positions to come together to network, be inspired and empowered in leadership growth and development. The Women’s ALP represents a unique opportunity for executive female school leaders to extend their leadership capacity and create powerful, lasting connections with dynamic, like-minded women in school districts across the country. The AASA is delighted to be supporting this important initiative which in addition to enabling real outcomes for individual leaders, represents a meaningful contribution to the realization of gender equality in relation to formal leadership practice within the education sector.

Women in Education Leadership Programs


The course fee is $1,250. Experienced senior female educators are eligible to apply for a $750 partial scholarship to assist their participation in the course.

  • 4 Self-Paced Learning Modules
  • 5 Live Interactive Virtual Workshops
  • 2 Peer Coaching Sessions


  • Mindful and authentic leadership
  • Conflict and feedback
  • Mastering influence and negotiation
  • Creating my path


Essentials Course

3 Months

2 Hours per week

School Staff
Well-being Toolkit

5-6 Months



  • The critical importance of health and well-being
  • Know thyself: addressing and overcoming challenges
  • Building and developing resilience
  • Mastering the art of influence and well-being
  • Career and professional well-being


The Toolkit is designed as a group participation program facilitated internally by a staff member. Schools benefit most from having all staff participate in the program over a 5-6 month period and the benefits compound even more when all schools in the district participate. The pricing is simple: $500 per school building / year

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